deCONZ Binding auto discover

is the auto discover of the deCONZ binding still broken, or am I making some curcial mistake here?

I got a ConBeeII stick, plugged into my Pi3 which is also my openhab server. I could integrate the ConBee as a gateway in paperUI, and I could connect my devices (innr LED Strip and some xiaomi sensors) in the graphical interface of deConz Phoscon App.

But now, how do I add these devices to openhab? Do I have to do it manually? If yes, where do I get the “ID”?


Hi Tobias,

Which OH2 version do you use? The discovery service of the deCONZ binding was not working before OH2 snapshot 1549 (see related issue on GitHub).

Hi Christoph,
It works now. I uninstalled the 2.4.0 version of the binding and installed the 2.5 snapshot version. OH runs on 2.4

Perfect, Thanks for confirmation. Please mark this thread as solved.