Deconz binding looses connection

I use openhab 2.5. (just updated to the latest release 10 minutes ago) installed directly on raspbian and deconz running in docker on the same RPi. deconz is connected both via hue-binding and via deconz binding. I added the deconz binding to get information from some aqara temperature sensors.

What i see is, that everything works fine for some days. At some point I stop seing updates to the sensors values even though the values are updated when looking directly in the phoscon webapp. I also am able to use the things connected via hue binding without a problem.

Where could I start looking for solutions?
What kind of logging would I need to turn on/ look at?

Use the console and set the log level to DEBUG or TRACE for the binding you suspect is the issue.

Thanks. Since the issue only comes up after long periods (e.g. now it has been running without problems since I did the original post - 9 days), are there any issues if I leave logging running a higher level for such long times? (I don’t have any gut feeling for how much space that consumes for example)

Honestly I’m not sure how the logging works long term with DEBUG or TRACE. If your using an SD card then you may want to read up on logging in the doc’s. You can also use top (from the command line), monitor the memory for a few days and that will give you an idea of space being consumed. Use htop for more options such as filters.