Deconz Binding not installing smoothly, can't get it started up

To be able to control a few Zigbee lightbulbs, I purchased the Dresden Deconz ConbeeII USB stick. I’m running the latest openHAB 2.5.5 Release Build.
OpenHAB is running on Debian 11 in Virtualbox (2 CPU, 2 Gb, 64 Gb).
I installed the Deconz app in Debian. I am able to open the app inside the Virtualbox as well as through webpage outside the Virtualbox. I can add Zigbee devices there.

When I try to install the Deconz binding, the webinterface keeps showing the progress circle, as if it were in some endless installing loop… In the logfile, it is simply mentionned that the binding got installed, no other error messages, but in the UI the circle keeps spinning. Nowhere am I asked for IP address, port, key… nor is the Deconz controller thing appearing.

So I add a Deconz thing manually, enter “localhost” (deConz and OpenHAB are running on the same (virtual) machine), port “8090” and the “install code” that I got from my USB stick (as API key).

The status of the Deconz thing in OpenHAB changes from uninitialised to initialising but alas, stays that way (initialising).

Surely I must have done something wrong somewhere, alas I can’t really tell what that is. Can somebody assist please ?

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Have you changed the deconz launch script to run on port 8090?

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What launch script do you mean ?
The URL ? Yes, it is accompanied by port 8090. In the mean time I found what the problem was: I didn’t authorize OpenHAB to allow access to the API.

Funny thing is that it finds a “Philips DayLight sensor”, while the only Zigbee device here is a multicolour INNR lightbulb. Any idea what that might be ?

I believe that is just a test sensor. Pretty sure I have it also.

I can’t get it working properly. I added an INNR RGB light bulb, but it is not appearing in OpenHAB. I removed the bulb from the Phoscon web app, but that didn’t do anything either.
A few questions:

  • What could be wrong? I get the Philips Daylight sensor (which might be there for testing purposes) but can’t see the already paired light ?
  • how to “unpair” ? Simply delete from the Phoscon webapp ?
  • can one add new zigbee devices directly using the Deconz binding in OpenHAB, or do we first have to pair them using the webapp ?

Many thanks

Do you have the hue binding installed? Lights show in hue, sensors show in deconz.

Thank you for the info :grinning: I didn’t know that and will modify.
I must have overlooked, where is it mentionned that you need to install the HUE binding along with Deconz ?
I think I will send the Conbee back to the seller and try to find something that integrates directly with the Zigbee plugin, which is hopefully more straightforward then the whole Deconz thing. Any suggestions on such a zigbee controller ?

Not sure on what zigbee to purchase for the zigbee binding, I am currently on deconz.

On the hue binding thing not sure exactly where it is mentioned. I had a few initial struggles piecing together the deconz setup also.

I found this: I was hoping to get some feedback from a user that has practical experience setting up Zigbee with one of the supported coordinators inthere.
There is for example the Ti CC2531, but you have to flash the firmware itself. You can buy preflashed sticks that support Zigbee MQTT nowadays, but is that a good thing ? Do I need to buy special devices to update the firmware myself afterwards ? What is the difference with the “non-cloud” (for example: can it work standalone, without cloud ) ? How does it compare to SMaBiT (Bitron Video) ZigBee USB Funkstick ? How is the experience with all that in OpenHAB ?

The conbee stick with deconz binding and hue binding works pretty good if you read all the manuals :wink:

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That’s nice but I’m still evaluating the other options… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I must have overlooked, where is it mentionned that you need to install the HUE binding along with Deconz ?

It is mentioned in the binding’s documentation. But this will change with OH 2.5.6. There will be a new version of the binding that supports lights directly. Here is a link to the current documentation

@MHerbst thanks for posting didnt realize this. Sounds interesting, look forward to testing it out.

Hello @david_vanhuffel1.

I just arrived on OH2 and CONBEE II and have the same problem as you had in May: having the paper UI deCONZ thing status always showing “Initializing”.
Could you please explain in detail how you solved that issue?
You mention “I didn’t authorize OpenHAB to allow access to the API”.
If this was the solution, how did you “authorize” it?
Thanks in advance!

You have to login to your conbee II UI and go to settings and allow access to the API

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Thank you, Márk, it now works.

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