Deconz Binding : Water sensor missing information


I just added few water leak sensor to my conbee II. Everything went fine. It appear on the phoscon webapp

With all the information, correctly updated

Even in the api, everything look good

Then I’ve added things to my openhab conf

Thing deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01 "Water sensor 1" (deconz:deconz:deconz_bridge) @ "Maison" [ uid="00:15:8d:00:06:c2:41:e8-01-0500", id="97" ]
Thing deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_02 "Water sensor 2" (deconz:deconz:deconz_bridge) @ "Maison" [ uid="00:15:8d:00:06:c5:d5:6f-01-0500", id="98" ]
Thing deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_03 "Water sensor 3" (deconz:deconz:deconz_bridge) @ "Maison" [ uid="00:15:8d:00:06:c2:50:93-01-0500", id="99" ]
Thing deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_04 "Water sensor 4" (deconz:deconz:deconz_bridge) @ "Maison" [ uid="00:15:8d:00:06:c4:d1:a0-01-0500", id="100" ]

Then items

Contact               WaterSensor_1_Open            "Open/close"               {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:open"}
DateTime              WaterSensor_1_LastUpdated     "Last updated"             {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:last_updated"}
Number                WaterSensor_1_BatteryLevel    "Niveau de la batterie"    {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:battery_level"}
Switch                WaterSensor_1_BatteryLow      "Batterie faible"          {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:battery_low"}
Number:Temperature    WaterSensor_1_Temperature     "Temperature"              {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:temperature"}
Switch                WaterSensor_1_Tampered        "Tampered"                 {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:tampered"}
DateTime              WaterSensor_1_LastSeen        "Last seen"                {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:deconz_bridge:watersensor_01:last_seen"}

And sadly… Only the Tempered and LastUpdated propeties get updated. All the other one stay at null.
I’ve created the item using the OpenHab addon in VSCode

Did I do something wrong or is this binding missing an information?

Thanks a lot


Try to use thing type waterleakagesensor instead of openclosesensor for your device.


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Daaaaamn!!! I’ve double check everything twice!!!

Everything work indeed way better this way. The VSCode plugin helped me to re generate the correct items.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience…