deCONZ common discord

Hello there!

I’m the developer of the home assistant integration of deCONZ. There are a lot of users starting with deCONZ together with different systems and with that the need of support increases I’d like to invite all users of deCONZ regardless of systems to join in to a common discord. deCONZ@Discord


You might also consider posting this to (as an Issue?). Not all the binding developers are diligent about reading the forum and some of the right people may miss this posting.

Thanks for including openHAB. I hope you get the participation you are after.

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I could link the discord channel in the binding doc if that makes sense.

This is aimed at everyone not just developers, I’m not too familiar with Openhab structures as well as me not wanting to step on anyones toes.

If you feel that is a good way to communicate I can do that

I could do that for hass documentation as well in that case :+1:

I thought you were looking for developers to help support a common library of something like that. If it’s more for or also for user support, I’ll second David’s idea and a link in the binding doc would make the most sense and this forum posting is probably sufficient.

I’d say it’s more of a community of deCONZ users from all possible different home automation systems.

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Hi guys, doing a bump.

I’m Mimiix, i’ve contacted @Kane610 to make this deCONZ server a bit bigger and more known. The server has grown and we might get featured on the deCONZ Git and Websites:)

Currently, i’ve reached out to most known people in the deCONZ community. I’m still missing out on people from OpenHAB and like them to get involved aswel!

I’ve contacted @hilbrand which pointed me here to find the developer of the deCONZ OpenHAB Binding. I was unable to figure out who that was.

Please feel invited to our server and for the Binding dev i have a special role and room to talk to other devs on deCONZ and zigbee.

For the dev of the binding: Reach out to me on discord!:slight_smile: