[Deconz] False status for Ikea Bulb

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: raspberry pi 3
    • OS: openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_252
    • openHAB version: 2.5-8
      Hi all, I have a problem with an Ikea bulb that have 2 items: Brightness and Color Temperature.
      When I restart openhab and sometime randomly on my group with All the Lights I can see one light is ON and that light is this blulb. Actually the light is off and if I investigate I can see the problem is the Color temperature item.
      It seems Openhab read the temperature status like a brightness status.
      Someone had my same problem?
      Thanks for your help


WHat bulb are you using?

Hi, thanks for answer.
Is a “TRADFRI bulb E14 WS opal”
Firmware 2.0.029

I have morning had this problem. I asked which bulb because deconz has some issues with one of the ikea color bulbs.

For your issue, I would suggest checking your item and thing links. You may have one not typed correctly, if you use files.

Can you post your items?

that’s my item:

Group            Sala_stellina          "Stellina"              <light>         (FamilyRoom,gDimmer,gLightMinimal)         {alexa="Endpoint.Light"}
Dimmer           Sala_stellinaDimm      "Stellina Dimm"         <light>         (Sala_stellina,gLight)                     {channel="hue:0220:00212E0502F6:5:brightness", alexa="PowerController.powerState,BrightnessController.brightness"}
Dimmer           Sala_stellinaTemp      "Stellina Temperature"  <light>         (Sala_stellina)                            {channel="hue:0220:00212E0502F6:5:color_temperature", alexa="ColorTemperature.colorTemperatureInKelvin"}

and the thing is discovered by the binding, I don’t use file for things :roll_eyes:

Why would you put a colour temperature Item in a Group, and expect to see meaningful ON/OFF results? You already have the brightness Item(s) to do that.

You are right, I can solve removing the bulb group from the all lights group but the group that contain the 2 items show the light ON. Is not a problem, but for me is a bug and I don’t know if is by openhab side or deconz

The Item has a state that only be a %, 0-100%
A colour temperature of 0% does not really represent OFF. You can still have your light on with that condition, can’t you? What would you like to happen then?

I’d like to see the group off when the light is off ,:roll_eyes:

Well, the Group can only follow the states of its members in some way. How would you like your Group to react to your member colour temperature Item when the light is on but Item is at 0% ?

The brightness Item really does mean OFF when it is 0%, why not use that? Or if you must have a Group for some reason, make another Group that only includes brightness Item(s).

Is this a display thing, are you using Group in sitemap?

Yes I use it in a map, but again, for me is not a big problem. If you say is normal, for me is ok. I have a hue color strip in the same group and it don’t have this problem, that’s why I though it was a bug.

For display, you don’t need the group.

Sitemap fragment that acts like a group without false ON

Text item=yourBrightnessItem  "your group label" {
   Slider item=yourBrightnessItem
   Slider itemyourColorItem

But that’s all in one Item isn’t it? Your difficulty is having two Items to represent one light, where one ofthe Items carries no useful on-off meaning.