Deconz & hue binding

openhab 2.5.7 on RPI 4
I have a hue bridge and a DECONZ usb stick
Deconz has mostly aqara sensors, the hue bridge controls the lamps, a few buttons and a hue sensor
About that hue sensor: it contains a temperature sensor,a light sensor (luminance) and a presence sensor(it’s main use)
In the future, I would like to move everything to the DECONZ stick. Hue bridge doesn’t support aqara and other sensors, but DECONZ is very compatible with a lot of products…
The problem: I see in the hue app, two advanced settings: Daylight sensitivity and movement sensitivity. Daylight sensitivity is handled by the light sensor I suppose.
But, movement sensitivity seems to be a problem. I can’t find it. Not in the hue binding. I don’t know if it’s in the deconz binding.(i guess not). BUT, it is available in when a GET request…
Did I miss something in the bindings?
UPDATE: I found it: it’s in the configuration parameters of the Thing : presence sensor. So, I only have to find out how to get/set it.

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I’m interested to configure the sensitivity of hue sensors with deconz.
Have you ever tried blulbs with deconz? I have a problem with an IKEA bulb: it has light intensity and temperature and often when the blulb is powered off, openhab show it ON because of the temperature set.

Is what your looking for in the deconz binding? Asking because sensors will appear in deconz binding for deconz setup.

I have bulbs setup. Start a new thread we can discuss issue.

don’t know yet. My sensor is connected to the hue bridge.
And, if you go in paperui in Edit mode in the properties of the thing presence sensor, you can see the sensitivity value.
I could retrieve the value using jython. But don’t know how to change is yet.
I can change it in paperui, and the logging says it is changed. And when I save&close the properties and go back to the properties, the value is still there. But, when I look in the hue app, the value is unchanged… It’s like the hue binding doesn’t update it. Still have to look further

I am stating then if you move and connect the sensor to deconz you will need to make the sought out parameters can be adjusted in deconz.

What is available in the hue app and the hue binding may not be what is available in deconz setup.

Yes, you can manage the clusters configuration with deconz. However is not the best for those people that use a headless installation. Every time I have to make a config mod, I have to move the dongle from the rasp to the laptop and viceversa

what do you mean by " I have to move the dongle from the rasp to the laptop and viceversa" ?

The only way I know to modify the parameters, is to use deCONZ app. I don’t know how to start this app on my raspberry because I don’t have the gui. So I have installed deconz and imported a backup on my windows laptop. Everytime I need to modify some parameters (I think correct name is “cluster”), I connect the dongle on my laptop and I start deCONZ app.
Maybe is crazy and there is a most easy way, but I don’t know it :smiley:

you start openhab with openhab:8080 or (by ip address I mean)?
normally, your deconz is running on port 80
so, in case your rpi is running at address, just enter the ipaddress in the browser of your laptop (on the same network of course)
ps: I use your method to see the map. But, for adding devices, the method mentioned above is enough (you can’t see the map though)

I posted here as well as in a few other deconz threads. Ssh -X is your friend. I use Ubuntu terminal and run deconz on a Remote Desktop. It can be done on windows but you need an x server installed. It was easier for me to run Ubuntu.

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Right, but this address is not deconz but a web access with a very limitate interface. If you whant to modify the clusters, you need to use the app and select the object you need.

That’s great! I’ll try that way. I use linux mint, so the procedure shlud be near the same

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