Deconz is in CONFIG PENDING after every restart

Hi folks,

I’m trying to provision my OH3 with deconz binding using the things file. I read the docs and observe created my deconz.things (deconz is running the latest stable version on a host deconz and port 9080 reachable from the openhab installation.

Bridge deconz:deconz:deconz "deCONZ Gateway" [ host="deconz", httpPort="9080", apiKey="SOMEKEY" ] {

// Actors
    dimmablelight        14-xxx-3601             "Arbeitslicht Kinderzimmer" @ "Kinderzimmer 1.OG"        [ id="2" ]


My problem is that the API key seems to be lost every time. Here is what I observe:

If I provide no key, the binding reports config pending and waits until I enable 3-rd party authentication inside the app. After doing this, the pairing is completed, the binding is connected to the gateway, I can do anything as expected. The configuration property of the bridge shows the exchanged key. Going to OH-CLI shows the same key there.

Now if I copy this key into my things file and restart openhab the following happens:

The binding still shows config pending. The configuration parameter in the UI is not showing the key, but the OH CLI does. If I take this key and connect using a REST cliekt, I can access to any resources provided by the REST API - so the keys to be valid. For some reason the binding is not taking it into consideration. I can still resolve this by activating 3-rd party pairing in the gateway, but this will generate a new API key.

To make it clear - the binding works without problems, once paired with the gateway manually, but is locked in configuration pending after ever restart. Any ideas?



Parameter names are case sensitive, this kind of problem is avoided with UI configuring.


Sorry, my bad. Checked it out in the source code :slight_smile: