Deconz light groups with dimmer state 0

I am trying to control a light group created in Phoscon including 10 or so Tradfri dimmable non-color non-temperature bulbs.
When adding the deconz group to 3.1.0.M4 I get a thing that does not have brightness, but a color channel. I therefore manually created a dimmer item and connected it to the color channel. This seems to work in general, I can dim the light group. But somehow, setting the slider to 0 does not switch off the lights, but sets them to the lowest brightness.
Using an ON/OFF switch allows to switch off the light group, but it’s not a very good experience to have two controls for one light.

Is this a bug or by design? Any pointers of how to fix it? I could probably code a rule that sends an “OFF” if the dimmer goes to 0, but that seems a bit strange.

In the Phoscon page, sliding the brightness to 0 actually switches off the lights.

That’s a bug.

Why? You can send dimmer commands to a Color Item.
It might (mis)behave in the same way, of course.

The issue is that the the binding does not send OFF to the deconz software when the brightness is zero. The light the stays at the lowest possible brightness (depends on the light, usually 5%). The code for checking “brightness==0 then send off” is missing in the lightgroup. It is present only for lights.

The OP worked around that issue by connecting a Switch to the channel, which by definition can only send on/off.

Just so it’s presented as a normal dimmer slider in the main UI by default as none of the lights in the group have colors.

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Should I open a bug or is it enough to have this reported as a sub issue in this one:

The title should probably be adjusted, but that‘s the same issue.

OK. I cannot change the title or change the “enhancement” label to “bug” so I will just leave it as is I guess to not create more noise.