Deconz - No things found


I managed to install Deconz, several sensors and of course the deconz binding.
For some reason, I never find a thing to add. I can add the deconz gateway manually, it is online then. But there never appears another item. I tried it with the deconz program on the same raspberry as openhab and I tried it on a different raspberry. But its always the same problem.
Does anyone have a hint on how to solve this?

What version OpenHAB?

OH 2.5 should be used. The deconz binding has changed a lot since 2.4 which was release a year ago.


I second what David said.

Thank you, I tried OpenHab 2.5 and it works better now.

With 2.5. I still have to manually add many of the aqara things.
You can call the deconz RestAPI, see here: