Deconz + Openhab2 + Hue-Binding


does anyone here uses deconz+raspbee for the Hue-Bridge-Binding in openhab2? I was able to insert a few lights from deconz to openhab but now im stuck trying to insert the motion-sensor from hue. I added the lights with the usage of the ui but there isnt any option for the motion sensor when clicking on “Add Thing”. Have you done it using http-requests towards deconz or was anyone succesfull using the binding?

Thank you in advance for your help, i just started with openhab but there are so many possibilites :0

Nevermind, i guess i solved it. Will text back later.

I’m at the stage now where I want to get som sensor values from the deCONZ REST API into openHAB.
Could you provide som info of how you did that?

Just use the HUE-Binding in Openhab, search for a Bridge and than press „Let Apps Connect“ in deconz.

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Nice. How do one handle the port 8080 conflict with two REST APIs on the same box?

I have created a binding for sensors and buttons, see
RaspBee binding compatibility


The same question I ask myself. How did you solve the problem with the haven 8080?

I tuned deconz to port 8090 using systemctl edit.
There you can define your username too so that subsequent dpkg go smooth.

Hello togehter, im new and please sorry for my english :-/ I have a problem with rules. I tried so many ways and it is not working… i have a rasp4 and openhab 2.5.5 / conbee2 Stick (Deconz). I have some rules and items… all working perfekt (Milight bilbs…). Now i tried to use conbee 2 as bridge for aqara sensor. it is found in openhab… i have the items for Illuminance, Presence… as an example: deconz:presencesensor:947c7a41:00158d000476cb94010406:presence (switch).
So and now i want to try a really simple rule like:
when someone is there please turn on the light.
I tried:
rule “Bewegungsmelder”


Channel “deconz:presencesensor:947c7a41:00158d000476cb94010406:presence” triggered ON


lsendCommand (Wohnzimmer_Stehlampe (ON)


And much more variations… could someone please help with a simple rule so i can try to fix the rest by myself :wink:

In the Phoscon web app it is no problem to connect the sensor with a bulb…

many thanks for helping…

Use the item instead of the channel.

THX, but so i tried:
rule “Bewegungsmelder”
Item Bewegungsmelder01 changed from OFF to ON

its not working

my item:
Switch Bewegungsmelder01 “Bewegung” {channel=" deconz:presencesensor:947c7a41:00158d000476cb94010406:presence"}

hey, thanks for the fast help… i did it… it was a mistake in writing… OMG