deCONZ textual configuration *.things file *SOLVED*

Hello there,

after I set up my rapberry with openhabian and got my deconz USB stick working I thought it might be a good idea to setup a textual configuration for my system. So far everything is working but I just don’t get any “things” into openhab from the *.things file. To be honest I don’t have any idea, where this [ID] in the deconz demo comes from. I don’t see it in the deconz web page with all my lights listed.

Current state:

  • deconz binding via text
  • deconz bridge via text including API key
  • All items list in the inbox

Thats the basic information that I get from Paper UI “Things”

What I don’T understand:
How to obtain the [ID] for each “thing” - do I have to select one on my own, or do I get this information from the GUI?

This is the example text.things file from the documentation

Can someone help me with this, or has a link to a good description on this topic please?

and here is the link to the deCONZ documentation in openhab

You get the id from the rest api of deconz.

You api key is the same as the password you obtained to connect the hue bridge or deconz.

Sorry, I don’t have a short answer process off the top of my head as it has been some time since I did it. There is documentation on accessing the api in the openHAB binding doc I believe. But for sure in the deconz rest api docs.

The best I can give off the top of my head is this you obtain an api key by going to the deconz api link. Once you have that key you are able to go to http://deconzip/api/lights and get each bulbs id.

This is the link on how to obtain api key.

Then you go to a link like: . Replace sensors with lights for lights. Note: my deconz runs on port 8090, if yours is different change that property also.

perfect - I will check that later at home :wink:

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And if you coding with MS Visual Studio Code, just DL and install Rest Client and use it to send http request to deconz api.

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Thanks to both of you, worked like a charm :wink:

BUt I think it might be a good idea to include that into the deCONZ openhab documentation. If I find some time I will check out how that works.

Have a great week