Deconz: The Zigbee binding **currently*** does not support

DECONZ: The Zigbee binding currently does not support the Dresden Elektronik Raspbee and Conbee Zigbee dongles.
So, I read “currently”. Are there plans yet to natively support the conbee dongles?
After an update/upgrade of Openhab, my system was going crazy, so I had to reinstall. Only, installation of Deconz is trial and error, hit and miss , until suddenly, I can access it …
Would love native support. Would make our live much easier…

Best thing to do would be to file a feature request issue on the GitHub repo.

Not unless anyone picks this up and so far no-one has come forward to help with this issue.

There is an own binding for the Dresden Elektronik devices:

This binding is for the dresden phoscon app (software bridge), but is not a native zigbee binding for de dresden conbee and raspbee.

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That’s what I mean too: it’s not a native binding.
It’s such a mess to get the deconz/phoscon working…
It would be so nice, just to install the drivers (or let the binding do that) and getting the things … like the binding for Hue…

Oh, I don’t have that experience. It pretty straight forward, I think.
If you install the deconz app (native or docker), you can use the hue binding for all the lights and switches. The deconz binding is for the sensors.
The only think is that you have to pair the device (light etc) with the deconz webapp. It’s just one time and the rest can be done with OH.
This works the same with the hue bridge or the ikea tradfri bridge. Both you first have to pair then with the bridge, then you can use it in OH.
I see the deconz app as a “software” bridge.

yes, i use deconz primary for sensors & switches… I’m running openhab on a pi 4, and the conbee is connected to it. I had my first installation and a seconds reinstall problems.
I’m thinking of buying another pi 3, and install only the deconz conbee on it. So, if then, when i need to reinstall openhab, i don’t have to install conbee again…