Deconz Thing Offline, comes ONLINE after restart openhab, other solution?

Openhabian , openhab 2.5.9.-1
Deconz binding
Two of my sensors became unreachable. (don’t know why yet)
I reconnected them using the Phoscon app (Deconz).
But in Openhab they stay OFFLINE (gone).
SENSOR1:s defnined through paperui for the Thing, the items are in an item file.
When I deleted the thing and let it rediscover , and than recreated it, it became ONLINE, and nice had the items with it.
SENSOR2: defined through paperui , also the items.
In stead of deleting as for SENSOR1, I restarted OPENHAB and the sensor became ONLINE.

Question: What can I do in JYTHON so the THING can become ONLINE, without restarting Openhab?

Do you solved the problem?
i got the sami issue after a few days of connection…

No. Had to many problems. And now, with version 3.0 too
Maybe retrying when 3.5 arrives.
Now working with other software.