deConz + Tradfri = several Channels gone

I’m running the current OH version (milestone 3.1) on a Raspberry Pi.
I already connected a lot of things and also created a lot of items, which i liked.

Since the last update (i always update OH and deconz together) i realized, that several channels are gone. Such basic channels as brightness for lights.
I don’t really know where this error came from. Either it’s the update to openHAB 3.1.0.M2, or it’s the update of deConz to v2.10.1.
Since in this community there are many people, who also use deConz, i wanted to ask, where someone realized this error too and can give me a hint.

Just as example, this is a simple dimmable light, and what i see after last update:

Channel-Types have changed but managed things do not get updated. That‘s a long standing issue in core, where no solution was accepted so far.

Your only chance is to delete and re-create the thing, then your channels come back.


This is not the most comfortable solution, but that’s ok for me.
As most of my items were wrong named anyways, i have to redo the whole thing again ^^
I’ll try in a few hours and report whether this helps

If you re-create the thing with the same thing-uid, channel-links and items should be available without re-creating them.

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Oh, this is nice, where i can reuse the right named items. thx for this hint also :slight_smile:

PS: sadly it looks like i’m not able to delete any thing at all :frowning:
Just restarting the whole RPi. Maybe this will fix it …

PPS: nope … even after reboot i can’t delete things (with no items linked, just like the light of my example)
Seems like i have to dig deeper to find the problem

PPPS (nevermind ;D):
It seems like i (or even everyone …?) was not allowed to delete items through the myopenhab cloud … when i was bck home i could delete the light and reconnect it. Now the channels are back again