Deconz vs zigbee binding

Hello all,

I searched the last hour for an answer but could not find one.
Im looking to replace my hue bridge with a more nativr solution. Im running on docker on a synology nas, works nicely including influx and grafana.

I am asking for some recommendations, pros and cons for different solutions, mainly:

Deconz binding vs Zigbee binding

If zigbee binding: what stick?
i have ikea bulbs, hue bulbs, innr strips, philips hue dimmers and motion sensors, osram bulbs.
It works alright, but the bridge is bad at state reporting and switching many bulbs at once (with moton sensors for example).
I know it is a detail but it bothers me, im using the long press events on the dimmer switches, so i hope to still get seperate events for short and long press.
Also, im hoping the innr stripes are not problematic.

Im hoping you can give me some recommendations! Deconz seems nice, but are there any downsides? Or is it easier/better to just use the zigbee binding directly, maybe for performance/latency issues? Stability is also important, the system has to work 24/7 as much as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your answer! So would you generally recommend zigbee with an em35x over deconz?
Or is deconz easier to manage? I saw that you can easily see network maps and so on in deconz.

Sorry - I’ve no experience at all with deconz so I’m not able to comment on which is best.

The ZigBee binding also generates the information to do this and there is a script to do this available.

As these sticks are not that easily available and there is nothinh really bad about deconz,
i will just try out deconz and see if it does it for me.
Thr stick is easily available and it seems like a pretty good solution.

But feel free to share your thoughts :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where you are. In Europe, there is the Qivicon stick, and in the USA there is the GoControl stick that are both easily available and work well on Linux (the Qivicon can be a pain on Windows/Mac).

Im from germany, thanks for the Info! But the qivicon is not em35x, right?

If deconz does not work as expected, i think i will try one of those em3588 Long Range.

By the way, im running on a synology nas with docker. Works fine so far!

Yes - there is a stick sold by Qivicon that uses the Ember chipset.

Hello @openhabber. I’m exactly in the same state of you in sept 19’ : Deconz or zigbee binding :slight_smile:

Have you some feeedback to give ? Have you be able to compare both solutions in “final user point of view” ?

I’m testing deconz (by accident because I have buy a Combee stick without controlling if it was compatible with zigbee binding). I like the scene management, and it seems ton be quite stable with my hue lights and switches. But I don’t like the idea to have to manage 2 systems (openhab+deconz). But I’m not sure the zigbee binding will be as easy to configure.
I’m currently testing deconz binding, and for the moment, I cannot get switches events…

I’m also using docker, but I haven’t be able for now to connect Combee to deconz docker throw IP and ser2net (I have thus temporally install deconz docker on my rpi where is located the stick instead off my QNAP NAS that host all others dockers).

Thank you for your feedbacks !

(And happy new year !)