Dect rollershutter over fritzbox

yesterday I saw an article that a new rollershutter from company rademacher is available.
This smart device has a dect interface an the avm fritzbox is able to control this rollershutter.

Now my question. I have a fritzbox and I’m using avm components controlled over tr064 binding from openhab side.
For this new rollershutter, who needs to do work that it will be possible to control it from openhab.
Does the tr64 binding needs to reworked or must avm first create a new fritz os?
Best regards

Hi Thorsten,

afaik you need FRITZ!OS 7.20 to control a supported rollershutter via your FRITZ!Box. AVM mentions these two devices:

  • „BoxCTRL“ (Becker-Antriebe)
  • „RolloTron DECT“ (Rademacher Geräte-Elektronik GmbH)

The TR064 binding is imo not the right choice for controlling AVM powered SmartHome devices. The avmfritz binding is. But currently the binding does not yet support rollershutter devices.

Hi Christoph,
Thanks for you’re fast reply.
So to control this from openhab I need to wait until the avm binding supports rollershutter devices.
Best regards

Yes, exactly. Do you already own such a device or think about buying one?

At best you should open a feature request issue on GitHub. Maybe others are interested too and someone will pickup implementation in the near future (or I will pick it up myself).


Actually I did not own such a device. I’m interested in controlling my rollershutter from a smart home system.
Actually I use openhab for other things. Light and heating.
The devices from rollotron would fit exactly in my home environment. I can not use motors directly on the axis of the rollershutter because that’s to much work.
So just changing the manual control to that one from rollotron was the easiest way.
OK I will create a feature request.
Best regards

Hi Christoph, sorry for the delayed answer.
I have now created a issue.
Hope that is correct.

By the way. Is it possible to look how such a binding is realised? For myself I am also developing software in c, cpp or python.
I’m interesting in looking how a binding is realized.
Is the source available in git, maybe for other bindings?

Great. Thanks.

You already found the GitHub repository where the code of the binding is located. Here is a link to the avmfritz binding.

It is written in Java. Find more information about developing a binding in the documentation.

Thanks, I will take a look, because I’m interested in how such things were realized.
Was the issue that I created correct for the feature request?

I spent several hours trying to set up a working development environment for the avmfritz binding, but so far failed. Hopefully you can direct me in the right direction. I followed the directions to set up a development environment using Eclipse and the main branch. At first glance everything seemed fine, I could add my Fritz!Box and my Fritz!DECT 440, just the latter always stayed in the state UNKNOWN. Enabling more logging, I found the Exception

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.xml.bind.ServiceLoaderUtil.lookupUsingOSGiServiceLoader(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/util/logging/Logger;)Ljava/lang/Object;
	at javax.xml.bind.ContextFinder.find( ~[?:?]
	at javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext.newInstance( ~[?:?]
	at javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext.newInstance( ~[?:?]
	at org.openhab.binding.avmfritz.internal.util.JAXBUtils.initJAXBContextDevices( ~[?:?]

I think this may be caused by a known ServiceMix issue, but have no way to fix it. Can you please help?

Hi @uli_m,

Nice to see more people interested in the code of the avmfritz binding. I cannot give you an answer in a second. I have to dig deeper into it. But I can tell you from my experience that running avmfritz from Eclipse is not easy and I am struggling with it all the time. Currently I am developing / testing new code in a local Docker combined with remote debugging.

Hi @cweitkamp,

thanks for your answer.

Fyi: I’ve also created an issue for this, as this probably isn’t limited to this binding.

Just to let you know that I have created a pull request for this feature.


Hi Ulrich,
Thanks for the fast work. I would look to myself how such a change is realized, but actually I have holidays, and my family is not happy if I work on this…
Best regards

I appreciate that @Gthorsten has opened a request on Github as I have bought one device. I already have a use case for an automated control with a rain/flood sensor which is not possible in the AVM universe and needs openHAB.

I have unfortunately absolutely no programming skills to support an implementation I can only offer my device and environment for testing :slight_smile:

@cweitkamp, @Gthorsten, @uli_m ( I guess “quidam”),

I just followed the Github link and saw that the binding is already available. You are awesome. I iwll have to update my docker environment on the weekend and will test the binding.

THANK YOU for implementing so quickly!!!

Hi Justus,

I used the new binding now for the complete time it is available. It works without any problems.

In the morning I move up the blinds with the help of I calendar binding, and in the evening they goes down with the astro binding and the sunset event.

It works perfect.
The only thing, actually it is running on one of my Testsystems, because it is a milestone release.
I will transfer it to my life system when the release 3.1 comes up.

Best regards

Hi Thorsten,
to which milestone release belongs the new binding? I am running 3.1 Milestone 3 and currently refrain from using Milestone 4 because if the issues with the REST-API. When its is already running with Milestone 3 then I do not even need to update …

Can you please provide some more details on the release level?

Hi Justus,
On my Testsystem I’m running the m4, sontje latest milestone build. But if I’m right the beginning of June we will have a new build.
I think the m4 is the first milestone where it is available.
Best regards

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Thanks for the update … Didn’t you experience any issues with the REST-API (which got broke in Milestone 4)?

Actually I did not see any issues, but as mentioned
It is running on a Testsystem, where only the avm stuff, the astro and the calendar binding is running.