Default Overview page doesn't work after 3.0 upgrade (openHABian)


After upgrading to 3.0 I’m getting myself familiar with the new UI. In 2.x I used paperUI/Control as overview page, not sure if the new Overview page it supposed to replace this?

The problem I have is that the page is empty. When I edit the page and go to “Design”, I get a popup with this error message: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of null”

Source looks like this:

  label: Overview
blocks: []
masonry: null

Any hints how I can fix this?

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

For quite some time (at least 2 years) the Paper UI was only to be used for administration and the BAsic UI or HABPanel used for operation. Paper UI development was abandoned by the developer long ago.

The closest to an auto generated UI are the tabs at the bottom when you have used semantic modeling.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks. Creating semantic model now. Tabs at the bottom of what?

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

The default overview page.

Look at the presentation from the virtual meetup. Yannick demonstrates right after Kai’s 15 minutes.
OH3 Virtual Meetup 2020

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne.

The thing is… the Overview page doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

You mean you do not even see something like my screenshot?

Hi @Bruce_Osborne,

Actually it seems that mostly I had to learn some new concepts and features. Now, after having built a semantic model and found the openHAB icon clickable, everything seems to work. A few problems here and there, but most things work.

The only two things which seems at least slightly related to this topic, would be:

I see NULL displayed for all my location items:

What am I missing here?

Next, does any documentation exist for the different semantic classes and properties?

Now, after having built the new model in the UI, I’m considering starting from scratch and building it in text files. I had the impression that UI and files would melt together with 3.0, but don’t know where I got that from. Now instead have impression that files will be visible from the UI? This is probably good enough, although it would be awesome with auto-conversion back and forth, i.e. the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

Did you get any solution to the overview page issue? I am facing the same problem after upgrade from OH2.5. Everything works but overview page was missing. I accidentally created a tabbed view page with id overview now it wont let me reset it.


After creating the overview page, I don’t have the problem anymore. However, I also accidentally created a floor plan page that I cannot remove again.


Of course, right after posting this, I found out how. Click Select in upper right corner, then select the page and click Remove in lower left corner.


I still have a problem, if only I could delete the overview page and recreate it correctly.

Well your items are groups without any value assigned to them.
That’s why they have the value null.
But in order to display locations, you should use the locations tab.
e.g. my living room (Wohnzimmer) location itself has the value null:

It has some equipment in it and some measurements like

  • Rauchalarm (Smokealarm)
  • Solltemperatur (setpoint temperature)
  • Temperatur (measured temperature)
  • Beleuchtung (illumination)

And if you’ve tagged all of them properly the result of your location in the locations tab will look (except the picture ) like this:

and if you click on it:

This all comes only from the semantic model.

The overview tab itsels gould be used to display some certain items without any location reference, e.g. i use it to show the status of all of my lights, setpoint temperatures and my synology device.
It’s currently a bit ugly and missing a few things but i ddidn’t had time to get deeper into this:

So have a look at the threads here which explains what you can do with the ui. Start with the following:

At the end of the first post, you see the links to the previous/next chapter