Default sitemap in oh 3

How do I get a sitemap to show all items/channels?

If you model your devices you can use the tals at the bottom of the screen to see the groupings.

Look at Yannick’s presentation from the virtual meetup. It is right after Kai’s 15 minute presentation.


What I’m looking for is like oh 2.5 if I don’t make a sitemap it shows all the items in iOS Openhab app

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I think you are referring to the screen in the Paper UI. It has been recommended for over a year to only use the Peper UI for administering OH and use basic UI & sitemaps for daily control

A similar feature to the Paper Ui Control page is not in the OH3 Paper UI. the closest is the pages automatically created through modeling your setup as shown in the video…

That control page was working very poorly anyways after you got more than a handful of things, so it’s been ditched.

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This is just something to be mentioned as breaking change: no default sitemap provided.

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By the way I think either your part of the video or a re-recording of it should become part of the official Basic UI documentation. The younger generation, especially prefer videos.

Probably, but it’s live with all the caveats, and probably too long, so it should definitely be re-done by more competent Youtubers :slight_smile: Consider it as the blueprint, if you will.

Wiki page updated:

You as the developer are the expert though.:wink: