Default sitemap name weirdness

Following one of the guides during OH1 to OH2 migration I’ve changed my sitemap to “_default”.
I’ve changed it back later to “default” everywhere and even deleted configuration for both basic and classic ui from the console.
Now every time I’m starting OH I see in Paper UI that both basic and classic UI are displaying “_default” as a default sitemap in their configuration. Changing the name in UI configuration will help till the next restart. Looking for advise.

First, which tutorial did you follow as those instructions are no longer valid?

Do you have a basicui.cfg and classicui.cfg in services? If so those settings take precedence over PaperUI settings.

Are you running on a raspberry pi? At least one other person reported that changes made to settings went away on restart which was caused by a failing SD card.

I believe it was in the old version of migration tutorial as I recall and I’ve seen at least one reference to this ‘bad advice’ in the community.
Yes, I have both files there and I tried to delete them along with deletion of configuration from the console.
I’m running Ubuntu on the regular PC, not RPi.
Now I manually edited the cfg files and all seems to be good. Will be watching.