Define a sitemap object outside the sitemap

Hi, i was wondering if there a way to define a and objete sitemap outside the sitemap, so if I use this item in several sitemaps i can recall the sitemap of this item so when i change this item sitemap this can be reflect in all sitemaps.

Short answer is no, you cannot build up a single sitemap from separate files. I’m sure some people have built scripts to do this but ultimately the whole sitemap needs to be in the one .sitemap file.

So in your experience, what is the best way to handle sitemaps and propagate change without getting confusing?

I don’t create lots of sitemaps. I create 1 sitemap.

I also don’t use the sitemap as the interface for the users of the house. I use it for myself, as the administrator, to monitor what’s going on in my home automation. The users of the house continue to use the physical switches, Google Assistant, remotes, Tasker, and the like.

So I would have you consider:

  • Why do you want more than one sitemap?
  • Why do you what the same information on two or more of those sitemaps?
  • Would some other approach work just as well or better?

I have several sitemas, first for quick testing ( i have some switchs and i can see variables) But my question is for my wife, we don’t use google assistant, so i wan her to have some remote. to control the house. She just want one thing easy to use. That why I also was asking about habpanel vs sitemap.
So you olny have one sitemap whit a lot of sub menus?

Correct. Common controls like opening the garage doors, lights, and controling the HVAC are at the top. then I have subframes for more detailed stuff. In those very rare cases where she needs to use the sitemap for some reason because other ways do not work, everything she would interact with would be at the top.

If I were to need to create a separate sitemap for her, I’d either use HABPanel or just create a very simple sitemap. But the common elements between it and my sitemap would be minimal.