Define MQTT Broker

Hello everyone I am very new here at Openhab, and I ran into a problem…

I’ve installed MQTT Bindings on Paper UI.
(notice: when I installed it the circle didnt stop but when I refresh it it’s said uninstall, so…
if this important: I did not got massage that said MQTT Installed or something).

Then I reach my SSH (Putty) and tried to reach the file by typing:


Please help!

Some background:

openHab has a legacy to carry (version 1 to version 2 migration). A lot of OH1 bindings are still around. And OH2 just recently (starting this year) gained an OH2 version for the MQTT binding. You will find a lot of outdated information on how to setup MQTT therefore.

OH2 is all about UI usage. So if you see any recommendation for using files especially .cfg or .config files, that is outdated and for for the OH1-mqtt binding.

Because the version plays such a big role, your post cannot be answered without that info.

And now regarding your problem:

  • Which OH version do you use? OH 2.4 is pointless, there were numerous bugs in the new MQTT implementation. Use OH 2.5M1 (at least! There are still bugs in there that have been fixed by now)
  • Do you understand the concept of MQTT?
  • Do you have an mqtt broker installed and do you know the important access data (ip, user, password)?
  • Do you have added an MQTT Broker Thing?
  • Do you have added an MQTT (Generic) Topic Thing?
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Okay, first of all thank you so much for your answer.
I understand all the background you talk about , but I am not really sure what OH I have.

I think it’s 2.4 you can see in buttom of my picture.
What should I do can you link me that other version? I need to Format my SD (with SD Association)

  • Yes I think I undertstand MQTT concept.
  • About MQTT Broker installed i am not sure what you mean. I have MQTT , and MQTT Binding.
  • No, I did not added MQTT generic topic Thing.

Should I do all that on a new version?

Again, thank you so much

That somehow contradicts your statement:

You REQUIRE a separate MQTT broker. MQTT is a server-client architecture and openHAB is NOT an MQTT broker (but it provides one as an addon, different story though)

Yup. Too old already. I know that it is marked as “stable” on the download page, but openHAB has no stable/unstable semantics actually. It is more like a rolling release with snapshots in between marked as releases.

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Okay, I see I downloaded the 2.5.0.M1 right now it’s okay?

But still dont know anything about, mosquito, and MQTT Broker :frowning:

Mosquito is A MQTT Broker. As previously said such is required. Since you do not know, why don’t you start reading (Google will help) on that topic, after that the following statement of yours will be true.

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Okay, thank you , but I tought I understand MQTT Concept, appear not.

I said I’ve downloaded the 2.5M1, but it was for Windows and not for Raspberry Pi, and I cant find the 2.5.0M1. IMG for Raspberry Pi, Can you please link me the download I looked up for that almost 1 hour.

If you would click on the “Download” link at the top row of this page you are directed to a page on which you can select your OS and the desired version.
If you are doing such from a small mobile device, the top row might not show, in this case use this Link to the Download Page

On a raspberry pi you are also usually not downloading anything, but using the included package manager ^^.

Linux has that for ages, others only caught up for example with the Steam library, the microsoft store, the android store etc. The advantage of a package manager is that it will update the software automatically.

But when I install the latest version of Raspberry Pi.

the image that download was 2.4 not 2.5.0M1. so I guss the latest version for Raspberry Pi is 2.4 not 2.5.0M1.

The hightest version that is included in that full operating system image. Yes.
But as I said, it is using a package manager inside which allows to update to newer versions.

There is also a fancy utility to reconfigure a lot via a menu UI. Please read about openhabian first.

I just figure out how to do MQTT Broker, and it’s seems to work - on Online status.
I will keep reading atm

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