Define slider or setpoint in items files

Hi guys,

it is possible to define a setpoint or slide in the items files?
I want to keep my sitemap simple and make use of my groups. So I want to add the setpoint also to the group but I don’t know how I can do this.

This is the sitemap config:

Setpoint item=Office_temp_set minValue=12 maxValue=28 step=0.5  

I guess I need something like that but it is not working as I don’t know how to define the min max values in the items file.

Setpoint Office_temp_set minValue=12 maxValue=28 step=0.5  (group_xy)

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I think this is not possible. Slider is not a item type you can use in the items file.

Only solution I am aware of getting a slider is to define it manualy on the sitemap.



As @hannibal29 stated, this is not possible.

Please be aware that you mixed up two totally different things.

Items are the storage for states of things like switches, dimmers and so on.
Widgets (this is what you define in sitemaps) are the representation of the items within sitemaps.
One can define a widget without linking an item to it (Text label="only a line of text")

There are some attributes of items (labels and icons) which can be reused in a sitemap. But you can overrule the definition by explicitly define label or icon in the sitemap. This makes sense because maybe you would want different labels at different places for the very same item, let’s think of a list of all lamps in the house and the same lamps at different places at the same sitemap but in different rooms, so in the room you don’t need a label “Living room dining table” but only “dining table”. On the other hand, it would be nice to define a default label, and this is done in the items file.
There is a default widget for each item type. Every other stuff (like multiple buttons by using mappings=[]) is a special definition, which has to be done in the sitemap.

In fact, it would make more sense not to set label and icon in items files at all, but only to define it in the sitemap, as this part of the definition is only to represent the state in the UI.

Hi both,

thank you for your reply.
But there is one advantage to have it in the item files. This would allow to define it into a group as this woud be the easiest way to have a clean and simple sitemap file as everything is already defined as item and you only do:

Group item=group_xy

and everything of the group is shown in the sitemap.

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But you can’t control anything within the group.
Using Group item=myGroup is a fast way to get a sitemap, but to be honest, this is not the way you want the sitemap.