Defunct channels with DSC11 smart strip

The Aeon DSC11 has 6 outlets which individually report current power and total energy. Apparently some got this working under openHAB 1.

I’ve installed the switch successfully under openHAB 2 and can control the outlets. The total power and energy are also reported correctly, but not the values for the individual outlets. My item definitions are as follows:

Number denStripEnergy "Den Strip Energy [%.1f kWh]"  <energy>    { channel = "zwave:device:157cc1f584a:node3:meter_kwh" }
Number denStripPower  "Den Strip Power [%.1f W]"  <energy>        { channel = "zwave:device:157cc1f584a:node3:meter_watts" }
Number denPower1  "Den Strip Power 1 [%.1f W]" <energy>   { channel = "zwave:device:157cc1f584a:node3:meter_watts1" }

The first two are for the entire strip, and report correctly. The 3rd entry is for a single outlet and its value is always 0. I also have entries where the last digit is 2 … 6. For 2 … 4, the value reported (in the sitemap) is always 0, for 5 and 6 it is -.

I have also found that sample item definitions that use { zwave=… } do not seem to work in openHAB 2, where { channel=… } seems to be the correct syntax. Can someone confirm this? If correct, it might be appropriate to add a comment to the openHAB 2 documentation as most examples on the web use the other syntax.

I’m adding the @chris tag, as he seems to be the expert (author?) of zwave for openHAB.

Many thanks for all suggestions.