Delay in sending commands to HUE lights

Hi, community!

I am still quite new to using openHAB.
However, in my bedroom, I have 11 HUE lights of different types and one HUE dimmer switch next to the entrance. At a change of the DimmerSwitchState a JavaScript rule gets triggered in order to catch and process the event from the dimmer switch and to set the brightness of all lamps to 100%.
This method works fine for 3 lamps as I have it in the restroom, but not for 11 lamps.
The resulting effect is that the lamps get illuminated in a significantly delayed sequence. Strictly speaking, the illumination sequence takes about 2 to 10 seconds that all 11 lights reaches their final brightness of 100%.

It seems that there is a delay between the single events.sendCommand lines (commented in the attached code) and either the openHab HUE binding or the HUE bridge itself does not fire the messages to the lamps as fast as possible.

I also tried to create a single point (AllLightsBedroom) in the semantic model where 9 brightness channels are connected. Unfortunately, this has no effect on the delay behavior.

Is there a setup error of the binding or the bridge ?
Is there an other common way to control >10 HUE lights?

Many thanks in advance and best regards


// Catch events from the hue dimmer switch
if ( (itemRegistry.getItem("Bedroomdimmerswitchentrance_DimmerSwitchState").getState()== '1002.0') || (itemRegistry.getItem('Bedroomdimmerswitchentrance_DimmerSwitchState').getState() == '1000.0') ) {
  // ON or initial ON event 
  // Bedroom spot rail lights
  // Overbed lights
  //events.sendCommand("Overbedlight1_Brightness", '100');
  //events.sendCommand("Overbedlight2_Brightness", '100');
  // Underbed lights
  // Bedlights
  events.sendCommand('BedlightKathi_Color', "0,0,100"); 
  events.sendCommand('BedlightMichi_Color', "0,0,100"); 
} else if

You can only send commands to 10 or less lights at same time.
Greetings Markus

What if you create a scene in the HUE app and trigger scene with OH

Thanks for your replies.

I solved the problem by using the corresponding HUE room thing.
This thing has a brightness channel for the room - all the lamps configured for the room in the HUE app.

For a clear structure, I added the Bedroom Room Thing as an equipment into my bedroom location within the semantic model.

Thanks again Problem SOLVED :slight_smile: