Delay with inputs of MCP23017

I program a lot of Arduino’s but i am a newbie in openhab.
I use the latest openhab version with following Hardware:

Raspberry Pi 3B+
8 x MCP23017 (4 as input, 4 as output)
Connected with the horter&kalb i2c-repeater (5V logic transmitter to the 3,3v Raspberry)

The wireing are correct (Reset Pin, Adresses…)
At the beginning i use fhem. Here i use the interrupt of the MCPs to read out the states of the MCPs.
Everything is working there. But fhem is not my favorite software

The “orginal” Binding does not work correctly, because after booting the MCP ICs does not responding.
Now i use the binding “org.openhab.binding.mcp23017-2.4.0-SNAPSHOP.jar”
After booting the all MCPs work fine.
But, an few hours later the inputs have a delay. I thought the i2c goes in a sleep mode and so i make a timer every 5 minutes for one output (5 Seconds on, 5 minutes out).
But that does not work either. Have anyone a idea what can i do?

I’m not familiar with the MCP23017 binding, but if it is actually putting the I2C bus in sleep mode and even switching off the pullups, the bus gets in an undefined state and would probably need a longer startup.
What delay are you experiencing?

Only the author of the binding can tell you the details of its inner workings (or someone diving into the sources).

Sorry, I cannot be of more assistance at this time…

Hello Ron
Well, sometimes the bus works for a lot of hours, sometimes after one hour comes a delay.
The delay is 1-3 Seconds. Perhaps the raspberry have a lot of load? I don´t know.
I will watch them :wink:
Thanks for your reply