Delete preinstalled/listed Addons (kar-file)

Hello all together.

I didn’t found the answer via search therefore a new topic.
My installation of openHAB 2 was done manually on a raspberry pi, not via openHABian. I think I was asked, if I wanted to get Addons offline, which I agreed.

Because of issues with several bindings I tried to copy the file “openhab-addons-2.2.0.SNAPSHOT.kar” to the addons folder, restarted openHAB and it works as expacted … nearly. Even after unchecking “Access Remote Repository” in PaperUI under “Configuration>System”, I’ve got all addons (bindings, etc.) listed twice in PaperUI. In HABmin there is online one entry in the list.

Therefore I’m not sure, which version of the binding is installed. Randomly after restarts there is only one entry with the “old” version. The official 2.1.0 version. Then this one is checked as installed, even if I’ve installed the snapshot-version. A new restart brings back the second entry for each addon, but the old one is still checked.

Is there any possibility the delete these entrys and only list the addons from the kar-file?

Thanks in advance.

I also tried to install another snapshot-version of the z-wave binding, simular like in this post. The created file is about 6 MB, but there is no extra-entry in the bindings list. Maybe this is another issue, but i can’t test it with the twice-listed addons.

You can’t have snapshot bindings and the offline kar file in place at the same time …
Either remove the kar or use only stable bindings.

I guess with tinkering around that way you need to clear cache and tmp folders after you’ve made your decision how to proceed.

Thanks for the answer. But the question is still same, how can I remove the stable bindings? There is online my snapshot-kar-file in the addons folder. Is it possible to delete the predefined stable version?

Tried to setup addons etc. in different browsers, smartphone, tablet. Everytime the same. So I think it’s not about cache.

Does it not work just uninstalling them from PaperUI?

Did I understand correctly that you are using the stable runtime version and the snapshot kar file? I don’t think that will work at all, there are several changes in the snapshot runtime which match the snapshot bindings, so mixing a stable runtime with snapshot kar file could give you a lot of trouble.

You think it is or it did not work to clear cache and tmp folders?

Installing/Uninstalling via PaperUI works great. Installing either the stable or the snapshot version. The right one is checked. But sometimes after restarting the pi or only the openhab2-service, there are only the stable entries for each addon. In this case the stable variante is checked as installed, even if I installed the snapshot and was shown as installed before the restart. Another restart and both entries for each addon are listed, but the stable is marked.

So I don’t know if the right one is installed.

I only copied the snapshot-kar-file to the addons-folder. Nothing more. Do you know where the stable kar-file is?

At the same place.
You are confusing me :grinning:

Assuming you have a stable runtime and decide to use the stable kar file in your addons folder, you are able to install all addons without downloading them.
If you don’t have the kar file in place and you install addons, they (the stable ones) are downloaded .

So actually I can’t follow what you are doing, sorry.

It does not make sense to use a stable runtime with the oflline snapshot kar file (which what I understand you did).

So either use a stable runtime and you have to live with stable bindings or use the snapshot runtime and use either the snapshot binding kar file or just download the bindings when installing through PaperUI.

Mixing a stable runtime with snapshot bindings does not work in most cases …

Yes, I understood. Mixing unstable kar and stable runtime could run, but don’t has to.

What confuses me is, that the only file in the addons folder is the unstable kar file. No other files. But the stable addons are listed. So they must be inside the runtime.

I think I deactivated the download as I said in the first post.

They are just listed or they are listed twice and marked as installed? Could you post a screenshot?

Also check via karaf console which binding is the active binding, an example for the astro binding:

openhab> bundle:list|grep -i astro
210 │ Active   │  80 │    │ Astro Binding

As you can see here, I’ve got installed the unstable version of the zwave-binding and the stable wol-binding.
List of Addons

The content of the addons folder lokks like the following. The third zwave-binding doesn’t appear in the list. (stable, from kar and from jar)
Addons folder

Tomorrow I’ll try to update to the snapshot version at all. Thank you very much for your sustaining help. :grinning:

That is normal. Single jars in the addons folder don’t appear as installed in PaperUI. You can check if those bindings are properly loaded via karaf console.
And have in mind that installing more than one binding of the same type does not work.
For what reason did you create a org.openhab.binding.zwave folder inside the addons folder?

Things getting clearer :blush:
Bindings imported by jar-files aren’t listed in the UI. Not user friendly, but okay if you know it.

The folder is for get-clone and making a jar file from it. Will be deleted after installation of the snapshot version.

But the developer of the zwave binding wrote somewhere here that he excluded his binding from the openHAB addons package the make work easier.

Ahh, did not see that you just registered …

I recommend to read some of the basic docs to get a bit more of an understanding:

If you don’t want to change the basic code that should not be necessary, you will find all snapshot binding jar’s on cloudbees:

We have three different versions of that binding: the stable which is a bit old and does not support newer devices, the snapshot (see above) which supports newer devices but no secure devices and no textual config of things and we have a developer (secure) version of the binding (which also supports textual config of things) here:

which I personally prefer.

Have fun :grinning: