Deleted folders keep comming back

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Yep. We’re truely interested how you make deleted folders come back.
Usually it’s the other way round, folders disappear without that you delete 'em :slight_smile:.

After every update of my current runtime folder, old OpenHab folder are recreated even if I delete them before update. I have seen this behaviour for at least 3-4 Snapshot versions l(#1044-#1070) lately. I run on Win10 and follow the manually update instructions in the manual.
What am I doing wrong?

It happens during the first start after an update. The information of what folders to recreate must be stored in some of the file that are kept during the update process. The recreated folders are not empty, they contains sub folders “userdata/tmp/bundles” but no files.

Well, it’s common behavior of the Karaf framework to create a ‘working copy’ of the relevant config files/dirs on java startup.
But if deleted dirs ‘reappear’ that is because Karaf copies them in there during startup and that would mean you have been editing the copies all the time (instead of the original files).
Then again, this is Windows so I guess there’s just very few people to know what the right location actually is. Not sure if there’s even any developer able to tell you the right original directory to use as that’s also dependent on environment variables and possibly even other Windows-specific stuff.

Well, I just following the manual saying “Copy and paste the contents of the (newly downloaded) zip file over your existing install, when prompted, do not overwrite existing files”.

I guess that means that I have a lot of files from previously snapshot versions hanging around.
But I don’t understand your comment about “this is Windows”? Did’t you say it is a Karaf behavior?

I meant to say that the Windows implementation differs from the standard UNIX implementation and that potentially, the Karaf-on-Windows implementation differs from the native Karaf-on-UNIX implementation w.r.t file locations, environment variables used etc.
Either way, just guessing. Generally speaking, while supported in principle, Windows still is not a good idea to run 24/7 and to provide the basis to a software that’s being developed on UNIX.

Well, my Openhab system have been running for 13 month now without any restart or problems, on Win10. Can’t complain about that, or …?
The problems I have now is on my test setup on a identical hardware and OS as my production system.

Technically it’s alright. It’s just that you’re now sitting in a niche, so just very few people will be able to help you out with Windows specific issues (like I believe this is one).

If I start with a fresh instal (no update) there is no “automatic” file copy so I guess there must be some Karaf file config file that store my previous paths for some reason. The copying of folders start immediately after Karaf start but before any OpenHab activity (at least what I can tell from log:tail output)