Deleted Zwave items keep popping up in Inbox as "unknown devices"

I have a home automation for my window blinds and my rgbw led strips. All worked flawlessly until I replaced a rgbw controller (lets call it node8) by a zigbee rgbw controller. I removed node8 from power and also discarded the device in the OH configuration (via trashcan icon). Now, everytime I search for new devices an “Unknown device” node8 pops up in the inbox although it is not connected to power)
After reverting my decision and switching back to Zwave from the zigbee controller I can not add node8 again. It is always seen as “unknown device”

Even resetting and trying to reattach the device does not help.
I also have four more devices which show up as “ONLINE” which I do not know what they are or where they are coming from.

Is there a chance to manually purge nodes from the zwave database?

I am running on OH 2.5.4 release build on an Raspbian-RasPI4 with 4GB RAM with an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. The stick is attached via an powered USB hub.

That is a zombie or ghost device because it exists on the controller in the network although it does not really exist. These devices can cause routing & other issues unless removed from the controller. I think Aeotec has Windows software that can assist with that.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I just checked again. The usb stick pops up as “Sigma Designs, Inc. Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090) - UZB” but on my invoice is written Z-Stick ME. Can I also use the Aeontec Software for that?


Thanks a lot!! I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning!

If you still have the device, you also could try excluding the device from the zwave network (by putting the zwave controller into exclusion mode, then performing the exclusion steps specific to that device).

The software @Bruce_Osborne is referring to is called Z-wave PC Controller. You can manage your zwave network from there to delete bad nodes.

Be very careful though as if you make any mistakes, you may need to reset and re-add your entire network in OH again.

Here’s a mirror (free registration required). I believe the latest version is 5.38.


I removed the ghosts and they did not show up anymore!! Many many thanks to all. I’m impressed and overwhelmed by the quick and great support!!!


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