Demo application working, my own not

I recently experimented with openhab 1.7.1 (docker) and had a working sitemap with a small set of items, rules, etc.
Since I haven’t found any good 1.8.0 docker container I’m currently working a new one (

When running with the demo application everything works fine. My own sitemap starts loading but then instantly freezes. No button shows, just the background is shown and the loading icon is visible.
The sitemap itself seems to be found, I can see the correct title on the webpage.

Any idea what I could have done wrong?

I’m not absolutely sure that the problem isn’t related to my docker container but since the demo application works fine I assume it working well :wink:

I put my config here:

In the sitemap definition you use ’ instead of " …

Switch item=Light_Discomode mappings=[INCREASE='Discomode!']

It’s possible that openHAB once accepted both notations but does not in 1.8.0 (only a guess)

Hi Udo, good point, but didn’t help :wink: Still the same behaviour.

By rebuilding the files line by line I found the problem. The problematic line is inside the sitemap:

Slider item=Dimmer_All

Any idea why this prevents the site from loading?

Ah. I didn’t was aware of this…

There is a bug that prevents loading the sitemap, if the Label of a Slider shows no Value ([%s] is missing at end of Labeldefinition)
Good news is: update strait forward to 1.8.1, the bug is fixed there.