Denon AVR-X3400H with Denon/Marantz binding

Dear Community!

I have a Denon X3400H which works with the Denon/Marantz binding (as I was able to figure out, this is the newest binding, right?), I can set the volume, power, etc. However, it wouldn’t show any info related to the artist/album/track. Firstly I thought, it’s because of Spotify/Airplay playback (however you can see all the song details on the receiver’s screen and in the HEOS app as well), but I played some music through DLNA, and it wouldn’t show any info on the currently played audio.
Does anyone has same receivers (X3400H, X2400H, etc…) who has the same problem or has a solution for this?

And for the DLNA, the receiver can’t or won’t stop the playback if I turn it off, so it will turn back on immediately, I have to pause the playback first from computer/smartphone. I thought writing a rule for this, but I can’t if I don’t have any relevant info, and as I can see, there is no general DLNA binding for openhab

If anyone interested there is a binding out called Heos binding which works great with Denon amps which has Heos support.