Denon Binding with Marantz SR7011

Good Evening,

i’am the new one from Hennef (Germany). Sorry, but my english is no so good.

Use someone of you the Marantz SR7011 with the Denon binding?

My config



Switch DenonPower “Marantz 7011 Power” (ALL,AVR,bs,bsA) {denon=“sr7011#PW”}
Switch DenonMute “sr7011 Mute [%s]” (ALL,AVR) {denon=“sr7011#MU”}
String DenonSurround “sr7011 Surround Mode [%s]” (ALL,AVR) {denon=“sr7011#SURROUNDMODE”}
String DenonTrack “sr7011 Track playing [%s]” (ALL,AVR) {denon=“sr7011#TRACK”}
Dimmer DenonVolume “sr7011 Volume [%.1f]” (ALL,AVR) {denon=“sr7011#MV”}
String DenonInput “sr7011 Input [%s]” (ALL,AVR) {denon=“sr7011#INPUT”}


Frame label=“Movie” {
Switch item=DenonPower label="MoviePower"
Switch item=DenonMute label="MovieMute"
Text item=DenonSurround label="MovieSurround"
Text item=DenonTrack label="MovieTrack"
Slider item=DenonVolumen label="MovieVolumen"
Text item=DenonInput label=“MovieInput”

Unfortunately it does not work



Denon Binding 1.0
OpenHab2 (Windows)
Marantz SR-7011
Command Protokoll List from Marantz (D&M) for SR-7011

Result from Console

08:55:58.669 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘DenonPowerStandby’ received command ON
08:55:58.670 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - DenonPowerStandby changed from OFF to ON
08:55:58.674 [WARN ] [inding.denon.internal.DenonConnector] - Error Forbidden while sending command

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