Denon HEOS MultiRoom Music and TV Audio Setup! (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Denon HEOS MultiRoom Music and TV Audio Setup!:

I could use some help. I use:
Openhab 3.0.1
HEOS Binding 3.0.1

I would like to be able to see if the speakers are grouped. Then I can ungroup the speakers .

I have set it up like this:
Switch Player_1 “Player 1” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:P123456789”}
Switch Player_2 “Player 2” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:P123456790”}
Switch Player_3 “Player 3” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:P123456791”}
Switch Player_4 “Player 4” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:P123456792”}
Switch Player_5 “Player 5” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:P123456793”}

Switch BuildGroup “BuildGroup” {channel=“heos:bridge:main:BuildGroup”}

This way I can group the speakers as I wish. But how can I get an indicator so I can see which speakers are in a group

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