Denon X1100W binding

Hey guys,

i try to binding my denon x1100w.



# IP adress of the Denon receiver instance

# Optional, set connection method for receiving updates. Can be http or telnet. 
# Denon receivers only support one concurrent telnet connection, so use http if 
# you have any other app using the telnet connection. Default = telnet

# Optional, this sets the refresh interval (in milliseconds) for all instances 
# if you're using the http connection method. Default = 5000 
# refresh=5000


Switch DenonPower		"Power"			{denon="avr2000#PW"}
Switch DenonMainZone		"Main Zone"		{denon="avr2000#ZM"}
Dimmer DenonVolume		"Volume [%.1f]"		{denon="avr2000#MV"}
Switch DenonMute		"Mute"			{denon="avr2000#MU"}
String DenonSurroundMode	"Surround mode [%s]"	{denon="avr2000#SURROUNDMODE"}
String DenonCommand		"Command"		{denon="avr2000#COMMAND", autoupdate=false}

String DenonCurrentTrack	"Current track [%s]"	{denon="avr2000#TRACK"}
String DenonCurrentArtist	"Current artist [%s]"	{denon="avr2000#ARTIST"}
String DenonCurrentAlbum	"Current album [%s]"	{denon="avr2000#ALBUM"}

String DenonInput		"Input [%s]"		{denon="avr2000#INPUT"}
Switch DenonInputCD		"Input CD"		{denon="avr2000#SICD"}
Switch DenonInputUSBIPOD	"Input USB/IPOD"	{denon="avr2000#SIUSB/IPOD"}
Switch DenonInputNet		"Input Network"		{denon="avr2000#SINET"}
Switch DenonInputSpotify	"Input Spotify"		{denon="avr2000#SISPOTIFY"}
Switch DenonInputTuner		"Input Tuner"		{denon="avr2000#SITUNER"}
Switch DenonInputDVD		"Input DVD"		{denon="avr2000#SIDVD"}
Switch DenonInputBluray		"Input Bluray"		{denon="avr2000#SIBD"}
Switch DenonInputTV		"Input TV"		{denon="avr2000#SITV"}
Switch DenonInputSATCBL		"Input SAT/CBL"		{denon="avr2000#SISAT/CBL"}
Switch DenonInputMplay		"Input Mediaplayer"	{denon="avr2000#SIMPLAY"}
Switch DenonInputGame		"Input Game"		{denon="avr2000#SIGAME"}
Switch DenonInputAux1		"Input Aux1"		{denon="avr2000#SIAUX1"}

Switch DenonZoneTwo		"Zone 2"		{denon="avr2000#Z2"}
Dimmer DenonZoneTwoVolume	"Volume [%.1f]"		{denon="avr2000#Z2ZV"}
Switch DenonZoneTwoMute		"Zone 2 Mute"		{denon="avr2000#Z2MU"}

Switch DenonZoneTwoInputSource	"Zone 2 Input Source"	{denon="avr2000#Z2SOURCE"}
Switch DenonZoneTwoInputUSB	"Zone 2 Input USB"	{denon="avr2000#Z2USB/IPOD"}
Switch DenonZoneTwoInputTuner	"Zone 2 Tuner"		{denon="avr2000#Z2TUNER"}


sitemap steckdose label="DENON" 
Frame label="Main Zone" {
	Switch item=DenonPower
	Switch item=DenonMainZone
	Slider item=DenonVolume
	Setpoint item=DenonVolume minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=0.5
	Switch item=DenonMute
	Switch item=DenonCommand label="Surround Mode" mappings=[MSSTANDARD="Standard", MSSTEREO="Stereo"]
	Text item=DenonSurroundMode
Frame label="Main Zone Input" {
	Selection label="Input" item=DenonInput mappings=[CD="CD", TUNER="Tuner", DVD="DVD", BD="Bluray", TV="TV", "SAT/CBL"="SAT/CBL", MPLAY="Mediaplayer", GAME="Game", AUX1="Aux1"]
	Text item=DenonInput
	Switch item=DenonInputCD mappings=[ON="CD"]
	Switch item=DenonInputTuner mappings=[ON="Tuner"]
	Switch item=DenonInputDVD mappings=[ON="DVD"]
	Switch item=DenonInputBluray mappings=[ON="Bluray"]
	Switch item=DenonInputTV mappings=[ON="TV"]
	Switch item=DenonInputSATCBL mappings=[ON="SAT/CBL"]
	Switch item=DenonInputMplay mappings=[ON="Mediaplayer"]
	Switch item=DenonInputGame mappings=[ON="Game"]
	Switch item=DenonInputAux1 mappings=[ON="Aux1"]
Frame label="Title Info" visibility=[DenonCurrentTrack!="Undefined",DenonCurrentArtist!="Undefined"] {
	Text item=DenonCurrentTrack
	Text item=DenonCurrentArtist
	Text item=DenonCurrentAlbum
	Webview url="" height=9
Frame label="Zone 2" {
	Switch item=DenonZoneTwo
	Switch item=DenonZoneTwoMute
	Slider item=DenonZoneTwoVolume
	Switch item=DenonZoneTwoInputUSB mappings=[ON="USB"]
	Switch item=DenonZoneTwoInputSource mappings=[ON="Source"]
	Switch item=DenonZoneTwoInputTuner mappings=[ON="Tuner"]

where is the problem?

Well, can you maybe… I don’t know… describe what the problem is you’re having? :wink:

Or, alternatively: someone is developing a new version of the Denon binding you are trying to set up. See:
You might want to give it a try. You can set up your Denon receiver via PaperUI and autodiscovery, it is a bit more user-friendly.