[DenonMarantz] change command channel to also read responses


I am using the Denon/Marantz Binding to act on scene changes for example via channel general#command:

  • General Television → Speaker Preset 1 & Dynamic Volume High
  • Movie Time → Speaker Preset 1 & Dynamic Volume OFF
  • Dining → Speaker Preset 2

I would like to optimize that by sending the commands only if its needed. Therefor it would be nessesary that the general#command channel is also able to read the response of commands. Or probably a new channel would be needed because it seems, that the current status comes by sending another command <PR ?>:


I would like to raise that as a feature request in github if thats the right way to go and ask for your opinion before doing so.

This seems to be the case already. E.g. when I send a command to change the Surround Parameters (MS…), the item state represents the last command sent.

That’s what I think… you would need a separate channel/point to get the current state, as given for the Surround Program.
As I’m new to this, I haven’t requested new features for bindings, yet. But why not give it a try!

All of the bindings channels can read the current state but not general#command, which I am using in this case. I edited my first post to make it clear.

I also think I have to specify my use case a bit more. My AVR ist not exclusivly used via openhab but also via old school remote control. So the AVR’s settings are changing without openhab knows it.

Before its put in github I want to sort out which approach could be valid or not.

The generic approch:
While we have general#command (W), we can send whatever we want to the AVR using the command options metadata and link that to an item.
We would need the same channel to be able to receive the state (periodically).
But I am wondering if there is way to tell a reading channel how it has to query for the state? As it is a generic channel it needs to know the corresponding command <[command] ?>

The specific approach:
If the above one does not work, we need to implement all of those wanted channels one by one. I am just interested in 4-6 atm… :wink:

Can anybody tell if the generic approach is technically realizable?