Derive Group State from Member Items

Group state should be the items’ label if item state is on. Is this possible?

If a smoke detector is being activated I want to assign the label (room name) to the group state


Group:String	gRM_Alarm		"Smoke detected [%s]"
String			Room1			"Room 1"			(gRM_Alarm)
String			Room2			"Room 2"			(gRM_Alarm)
String			Room3			"Room 3"			(gRM_Alarm)


Text item=gRM_Alarm label="Smoke detected [%s]" icon="fire"


You could make another Item, for display purposes, populated by a rule triggered from group member change.

It is possible in a rule to alter the label of any Item, including a Group, to any text. But UIs are not guaranteed to be very clever about refrehing display from such a change.

I was kind of expecting this answer - thanks for clarification :+1: