I’m migrating from OH1 towards OH2. And everything starts to work as expected. I just have an issue in my GUI (sitemap) for the zwave items. Namely none of the descriptions aren’t working anymore.
Before, this was working fine, but after changing it to a ‘channel’, it seems that the item is translated in someting else.

Some items:

Number  Venster_Hal_Batterij            "Hal Venster [%s %%]"           <socket>        (ALL_bat,WO_bat)        { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node45:battery-level" }
Contact Venster_Hal                     "Hal Venster [%s]"              <contact>       (WO_con,ALL_entries)    { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node45:sensor_binary" }
Contact Venster_Hal_Algemeen            "Venster Hal Algemeen [%s]"      <door>         (AT_con,ALL_entries)    { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node45:alarm_general" }
Number  Venster_V_Leefruimte_Temperatuur "Eetplaats Venster V [%.1f C]"  <temperature>  (ALL_tem)               { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node46:sensor_temperature" }
Number  Venster_V_Leefruimte_Helderheid "Eetplaats Venster V [%.0f Lux]" <sun>          (ALL_hel,WO_hel)        { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node46:sensor_luminance" }
Number  Venster_V_Leefruimte_Batterij   "Eetplaats Venster V [%s %%]"   <socket>        (ALL_bat,WO_bat)        { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node46:battery-level" }
Contact Venster_V_Leefruimte            "Eetplaats Venster V [%s]"      <contact>       (WO_con,ALL_entries)    { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node46:sensor_binary" }
Contact Venster_V_Leefruimte_Algemeen   "Venster V Leefruimte Algemeen [%s]" <door>     (AT_con,ALL_entries)    { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node46:alarm_general" }
Number  Venster_L_Ouderkamer_Temperatuur "Ouderkamer Venster L [%.1f C]" <temperature>   (ALL_tem,WO_tem)       { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node49:sensor_temperature" }
Number  Venster_L_Ouderkamer_Helderheid "Ouderkamer Venster L [%.0f Lux]"       <sun>   (ALL_hel,WO_hel)        { channel="zwave:device:1578e7a83ee:node49:sensor_luminance" }

And in the GUI, i’m getting fe:

Swith 1
Alarm flood
Sensor (temperatur)
Alarm (smoke)
Sensor (luminance)

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Not sure what I’ve done. But after changing some items in my item file (read re-arrange them to have a better overview), the description is nicely translate/used.

If somebody could explain what happens, great.
I’m a bit afraid that the item file is very sensitive for error. So I’m afraid that with each change, I can break it. :blush: