Design Consulting: Concurrent reasons for actions

Dear all,

I would like to have your ideas how to best implement the following.

I already have a time based rule using time of the day to trigger my roller shutters. Independently I also have a rule for “cinema” that uses time of the day and decides if the roller shutter should be closed or not. In principle I do not like to have roller shutter closed when I am still in the living room. Only if sun is too bright and I am watching TV (= “cinema”) this makes sense for me.
These rules work independently and fine.

I now had the situation that I was watching TV in the evening. As it was dark outside no roller shutters have been closed. As it was getting later (11 pm) the time based trigger decided to close the roller shutter. I would like to detect this and somehow “pause” this action until cinema is finished. Any ideas how this could be done clever (any easily :wink: )?

Thanks and best

Would you not extend your time based rule so that it examines “cinema”, and if true, do nothing?
And add another rule triggered when “cinema” ends, that looks to see if the current time is later than X, and if so do whatever?

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