Design the dashboard for wireless sensor using Open Hab

I have installed open hab 2.0 in raspberry Pi using documentation
But I need to understand how can I use to create excel file which receive the temperature sensor readings (through wireless interface with raspberry pi)
and use the file to create a dashboard using openhab platform
I am new to integrate sensor data with this type platform
So your suggestions would be appreciated to make it functional

For a starter you need a (smart) sensor that is able to send the data to OH.

Once OH gets the data (actual temperature) it can store the data, that is called Persistence in OH. There are several Services available (MySQL, RRD4J,…).
However none of them directly creates an Excel-file, they are all databases which can handle such data better then Excel.

Hey I am using wireless sensor to communicate with raspberry pi via mesh network but Please suggest what steps should I follow to send I follow to send it to OH ?

If you have an established communication with a raspberry, you only need to establish communication from the raspberry with OH. All depends on what kind of communication you can provide (Serial, MQTT, …)