How do i access my files in designer when they are being shared by samba. i can see the files in networking, just dont know how to get them in designer.

Press the Folder icon in the upper right of the leftmost panel and browse to the configurations folder.

On Windows you may or may not need to map a network drive.

i did this, but it wouldnt let me choose the items folder

If using OH2, just choose the conf folder and the other folders will appear on the screen. Not sure about OH1.

ok, ill try

says its not a valid configuration directory. trid to choose sitemaps, says same thing.

What designer are you using? Sounds like you might be trying to use the one for OH1 with OH2??

If this is the case, then download the Eclipse Smarthome designer from the following link:

If you are using the right designer due your version of OH, remember to choose the configurations folder only. It will load in all of your config files. Designer is an IDE, not just a text editor. It has to lead all of your configs so it can tell you, for example, if you are trying to reference an item that doesn’t exist in one of your rules.