Detect Power outage

Hi all,

I’ve plan to buy a USP to keep un and running OH server and internet router.
Is there a way to detect if there is an interruption of the power ?

I’d like to have a rule that send an email in case of power outage.


buy a UPS that is supported by NUT
then use

I’ll second the recommendation for NUT.

I have just recently set up an UPS and used one of my RPis as the NUT master plugged into the UPS USB itself. Then all my VMs and ESXi, OH itself through the NUT binding are set up as slaves and connect to the master over the network. Note, this means your network needs to be on the UPS as well.

I configured NUT to report alerts through email. I did not configure OH to do this because at some point the OH VM will shutdown (I think at 10% battery remaining I think) but the UPS will still be up and running and I’ll still want to get those email alerts as long as possible.

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