Detect RFXCOM ON and OFF button push events from coco switch

I have a coco switch ( aws-8800) which I have configured as follows:

This switch has two states: ON and OFF. This state is changed by pressing the ON button and the OFF button on the physical switch.
When the OpenHAB item is in the ON state and I press the ON button on the device this does not cause an event in my rules which makes sense because the state of the item does not change.

However, when I use the RFX Manager software (windows stand-alone software, not part of OpenHAB) every time I press a button I see an event. Pressing the ON button 5 times in a row does produce 5 separate events.

Can I detect the button press events in OpenHAB in addition to the item state change events? That would make some of the remote controls more usefull, eg for increasing/decreasing volume or light intensity?

I have looked for answers in the community and outside but could not find an answer. I would appreciate some help. If it involves some programming that is not a problem.

Look in events.log and see if pushing button produces an Item update

I already tried that and it doesn’t. It only produces an item update when the state of the item changes, which it doesn’t when pressing the same button multiple times.

Okay, then there’s nothing you can do in rules. If some external system can see the button events, clearly there is a way to carry them over KNX. So you’ll need to look into KNX configuration (about which I know nothing!)
Might be worth putting KNX in title or topic to attract the right attention.

Thanks for the quick reply rossko57. I will change the title to include the text RFXCOM, that is the binding for the click-on click-off devices.

It will be a binding issue then. It may be worth posting a feature request on gitHub.

Duh, misread KNX for RFX, but you get the idea

Looking at binding docs, there are separate channels for switch and contact, which sounds like the right area to look at.

Item state should be updated every time when you press the button. Can you post your test rule?

I got the same issue. I have a double button switch and want to use this for Scene rules.
1 button (OFF ) for At Home 1button (ON) for Sleeping <<-- left section of the double button
1button for Away (OFF) and 1button for Vacation (ON) <<-- Right section of the double button

i created a second light2 actuator with the same deviceid. Then you can create a second switch item and with a .postUpdate (OFF) or (ON) the switch turns the state back.
Switch Schakelaar3 “Sceneschakelaar3” {channel=“rfxcom:lighting2:9ff9b018:command”}
Switch Schakelaar2 “Sceneschakelaar2” channel=“rfxcom:lighting2:d2bdb1c8:4221952_2:command”}

rule “SceneThuis schakelaar”
Item Schakelaar3 changed to OFF

rule “SceneSlapen schakelaar”
Item Schakelaar1 changed to ON

Schakelaar1 and Schakelaar3 are both on the left section on the double switch but they are now working like 2 independent switches.

I hope this wil suit for you also.