Detect which Alexa device a command came from

I enabled the openHab skill in Alexa and have created some items that I use to expose to it. All is working fine but would love to somehow know which Alexa dot it came from (I have 3 throughout the house) using a rule or something that can tell me where it came from. Reason why is, I created a bunch of switches to turn my Family Room DirecTV box channel’s along with capability of pausing and playing. So currently I am doing just 1 of my DirecTV boxes since I do not know what room/Alexa it came from. If I knew which Alexa the command came from I could change the appropriate TV.

Of course I thought about just creating 1 switch for each TV but then the commands are not as natural and a pain, right now all I have to do is say “Alexa, turn on ESPN” and would really like to keep it that way.

I also tried the DirecTV skill inside Alexa app, but it is pitaful, you can only execute 1 command per 10 minutes or it just gets all bogged down and ends up not doing any of the commands.

Thanks in advance for any insite.

Hi Ken, did you make any progress with this?
I am also looking for a way to detect this, currently I am thinking to use an Alexa routing to change the volume up and down by 1% on the device I speak to and detect this change in OpanHab, but I dont think OpenHab will notice the change.
I will make some tests over the holidays but if you managed to find a solution that would save me a bit of time :slight_smile:

No I never made any progress on that. Would love to hear back from u if u make any progress.