Detect which Alexa device a command came from

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(Ken Reagan) #1

I enabled the openHab skill in Alexa and have created some items that I use to expose to it. All is working fine but would love to somehow know which Alexa dot it came from (I have 3 throughout the house) using a rule or something that can tell me where it came from. Reason why is, I created a bunch of switches to turn my Family Room DirecTV box channel’s along with capability of pausing and playing. So currently I am doing just 1 of my DirecTV boxes since I do not know what room/Alexa it came from. If I knew which Alexa the command came from I could change the appropriate TV.

Of course I thought about just creating 1 switch for each TV but then the commands are not as natural and a pain, right now all I have to do is say “Alexa, turn on ESPN” and would really like to keep it that way.

I also tried the DirecTV skill inside Alexa app, but it is pitaful, you can only execute 1 command per 10 minutes or it just gets all bogged down and ends up not doing any of the commands.

Thanks in advance for any insite.