Detecting user asleep

i have been playing with a fitbit flex and ifttt. It almost works as i wanted. I was hoping since it always syncs with my phone that it would report the “sleep” event when i fall asleep. However, that is not the case. It reports the entire sleep cycle when i wake up. So my hope of “turn the lights off if i fall asleep on the couch” or something doesn’t work right.

Anyone have any other thoughts on maybe something that detects sleep better?

I’ve not done this myself but a combination of Android Sleep, Tasker, and an Android Watch might work. I’ve never tried it though so can’t say for certain.

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A deadman switch, if they are asleep the button will be open.

Wish the Eight Mattress cover could do it. Well it does but you can’t do anything with it yet.

I like that the fitbit can detect I have fallen asleep. Just really a bummer it doesn’t trigger an event till hours later when i wake up. Oh well. will keep looking :slight_smile: