Determine light offline/online state?

I’ve put Lifx bulbs throughout my house as a retrofit solution to smart lighting.

This means the wall switches are still used as the primary means of control for turning them on/off.

I understand that some work has been done to allow the offline/online state of things to be read by the rules engine, but I can’t find any hints on how to use this.

Ideally my sitemap/gui would reflect whether the light is off at the wall (offline), off via an app (off, but online), or simply on (on and online).

Has anyone done this with a rule/script or have any insight on how to do this? If there is a way to do this, is there an approach so I don’t have to write variations on the below rule for each bulb?

rule "item state change"
    Item Light1 changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE

Keep in mind, that ONLINE/OFFLINE state is for the thing, not for the item :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right. I was writing my question while trying to do a few other things at the same time.

My question still stands though. Is there a way for a rule to be fired based on the offline/online state of a thing? If there is, I think I need to look at lambda’s or functions to make a single rule apply to all the light items.

Hi Paul,

there is currently an issue in the ESH repo adressing getting the Thing status in rules:

So it is not possible as far as i know. I like to have such a feature, too.

Looks like it is working now:

Tried that successfully with my hue things …

Very nice.

Thanks for the heads up, i’ll have a look into getting it up and running.