Determining if a hold event is a fan hold

I’m trying to determine if the active hold is a fan hold.

According to the ecobee api documentation for SetHold:
“The two properties Event.isTemperatureAbsolute and Event.isTemperatureRelative indicate what type of temperature hold is being used. If both of these are false then the event is not using any temperature control, and thus it is a fan hold. This same logic applies when reading the running event off of a thermostat object.”

However I found the runningEvent.isTemperatureAbsolute and runningEvent.isTemperatureRelative are always false even if temperature override or quick change of “home for now” or “away for now” is issued from the ecobee thermostat.

I tried examining various properties of the runningEvent and can’t find anything that lets me determine if the active hold is a fan hold