Determining seismic activity with Fibaro motion (multi) sensor FGMS-001

@chris @petr This is a continuation of posting!msg/openhab/Lg_k_T9S9cg/OA91MC5285QJ
which focuses on reading out gyroscopic data from a sensor, which is reported as tamper (command=sensor_alarm).

The Fibaro product PDF (, page 1, upper right corner, shows a nice seismic graph that is probably plotted inside Home Center.

I want to have the same in OpenHAB.

My motion sensors are configured in habmin with regards to parameters 20 - 24 to report frequently (every 4 sec), sensitivity 1g, and 24 = 3, i. e. number of vibrations. Data is synced to the sensor (no longer yellow).

I tried these item definitions for my 3 sensors:

Number Fibaro_1_Tamper		"Manipulation @EG Treppenhaus [%f Vibrationen]"	(gEG, gVibration)	{zwave="2:command=sensor_alarm"}
Number Fibaro_2_Tamper		"Manipulation @OG2 Flur [%f Vibrationen]"	(gOG2, gVibration)	{zwave="4:command=sensor_alarm"}
Number Fibaro_3_Tamper		"Manipulation @EG Wohnzimmer [%f Vibrationen]"	(gEG, gVibration)	{zwave="21:command=sensor_alarm"}

But nothing shows up when I display the group gVibration in the sitemap.

Any suggestion what data type I should use? For tamper I was expecting Contact or Switch (Boolean), but “number of vibrations” sound more like an integer / Number. Also, for orientation in space, I would expect three coordinates – so probably a String?

Regarding the sensor, this must be a gyro, no magnetometer, so it only gives acceleration, but not (as quoted) also orientation in space?

post scriptum:

Using the values directly (rather than via the group), I am now able to read out 0 vs. 255 upon movement for parameter 24 = 2 (sensor’s orientation in space), and I get frequencies for parameter 24 = 3.

Logs read:

2015-09-27 17:39:14.755 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:38  ]- NODE 21: Application Command Request (ALIVE:DONE)
2015-09-27 17:39:14.756 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:56  ]- NODE 21: Incoming command class MANUFACTURER_PROPRIETARY
2015-09-27 17:39:14.757 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:62  ]- NODE 21: Command class MANUFACTURER_PROPRIETARY not found, trying to add it.

Can I somehow wrap and tap the data so that it gets displayed inside OpenHAB?

I’ll take a look when I get a chance, but just to note that you have configured all your sensors to report alarm state, so you won’t get any data from the accelerometer this way. You could try the multi_level sensor to see if that works (take a look in your XML file).

If you post the XML here I’ll take a look.

Yes, it’s a gyro, so CAN show orientation. A gyro will measure the acceleration, which will include gravity (unless you have no gravity at your house :smile:) so it will tell you which way is down.

Thx. Will have a look soonest.
orientation = Ausrichtung (static)
direction = Richtung (dynamic)
I think it is direction.