Develop binding without eclipse

Hi all

Is it possiable to create binding jar file without Eclipse or any other fancy ide?
I know what I wont and it took me less then 10 minute to implement this in java with simple ide but after 2 days of trying to setup the Eclipse ide with openhab environment I give up


Yes it’s possible and preferred to build you binding jar with maven. See here for the command line options you can use related to openHAB binding building (step 3): Developer Guide | openHAB

Related to Eclipse installation. I assume you did follow the instructions on the openHAB documentation related to Eclipse IDE installation? Eclipse IDE | openHAB If so what problems did you encounter?

I follow the doc step by step but I got some errors like unable to resolve or file not found
I try the installation again
Is there a sample or empty project beside the script that create one?

Make sure you use the app.bndrun from the project in eclipse (and not the one in the launch project).

There is no specific demo project. But you can use the astro binding. That isn’t dependent on any service or hardware.

Hi Hilbrand

After I create the skeleton I try the next command
mvn clean install -pl :org.openhab.binding.mynewbinding
and get error

[ERROR] Could not find the selected project in the reactor

What I missing?


Your binding is probably missing from the bundles/pom.xml For some reason when generating with the skeleton it doesn’t update all files. What OS are your running on?

Windows 10

I’ve seen some parts of the skeleton script seem to not work on windows 10. So you need to manually add your binding to the bundles/pom.xml file.

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