Developing new bindings: Not showing up in Paper UI


I started working on developing a new binding and I ran into some issues. After following the few tutorials and guides I could find, I was able to set up the skeleton binding. The issue is that when I build the project, the new binding does not show up in Paper UI anywhere (checked under config/binding and extensions). My openHAB_Runtime.lunch contains the correct imports ( I tried importing one of the existing bindings to see if that would work, but it did not). This means that I already added this biding as one of the plugins that should be built.
<stringAttribute key="selected_workspace_plugins" value="org.openhab.binding.raspberrypirf@default:true,org.openhab.binding.squeezebox@default:true"/>

Any idea what I am missing?


Hi @gblaszczuk, have you find a solution ? (I have the same problem…)

Turning everything off and then back on fixed the issue. Hopefully that
works for you!